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1997 Honda CB 400 'Super Four' NC31


I'm a big fan of these little 400's as they're such fun to ride,and they go so well too! I've known this bike for about 10 years,and sold it to the people I've just had it back from about 7 years ago,during which time it's been used regularly all year round and has covered approx. 37,000 miles.The woman who owned it fell off at low speed and put a light scrape on the end of the can,and a crack in the fairing which was enough for the insurance company to write it off,so is a 'Cat C',but she kept the bike and carried on using it,and the barely noticeable damage was never repaired,and is still evident if you look closely.It starts and runs really well,rides great,comes with original handbooks and toolkit,along with a fair amount of history,and has current MOT until March 2020.

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